Portland, OR

Koll Guitar Co.

Portland, OR-based builder, Saul Koll, is what we'd call a "luthier's luthier". Never content to make the same instrument twice, each guitar is a work of art based around his original "Glide" body shape. The ultra-versatile Glide shape can cover so much ground, from black tie affairs to beer-fulled punk rock, which is exactly why we love Saul's work. Versatile, unique, and always musical.
Saul Koll
"At Koll, we see guitar making as an ongoing conversation between builders and players and we use that feedback to continue to improve our designs and approach. Our clients include David Torn, Elliot Sharp, Bill Frisell, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Henry Kaiser, Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Peter Holmstrom (Dandy Warhols), Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak), Kenny Greenberg (Kenny Chesney), and many more."

Meet The Models

Duo Glide

The most popular and versatile model of the Glide series. It features a chambered mahogany body with a thin, flat maple top, with or without an F-hole. There's binding on the top, fingerboard and headstock. Duo Glides come equipped with two or three pickups from a range of top boutique companies.

Duo Glide 12-String

A 12-String version of the ever-popular Duo Glide.

Super Glide Almighty

Koll's top-of-the-line model. Chambered mahogany body with a hand-carved maple top. Binding on everything. Deluxe inlays. The finest woods and materials, with either two or three pickups, and a wide variety of finishes and hardware. The ultimate Koll. 

Super Cub

Inspired partly by '60s American guitars, like the Epiphone Wilshire or Harmony Bobkat or Gibson Melody Maker, the Super Cub has some aesthetic DNA from those guitars, mashed up with Saul's classic Glide shape and a new six-on-a-side headstock design. The body is thinner than other Koll solidbodies, and the body edge is softer. Simply put?This is a thin, light guitar that's just plain fun to play.


The Troubadour model takes the Glide body shape into Fullerton territory with a solid alder or ash body, bolt-on maple neck, 25.5” scale, and a unique straight string pull headstock design.

Junior Glide

The Junior Glide is the Koll version of the single P-90 classic. It features the finest-grade seasoned mahogany body and set neck, rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots, and a wrap-around bridge/tailpiece made in the USA by Jason Schroeder. No frills or fancy stuff, this is a stripped down hot rod. *Also available in 2 pickup versions.

A Few Previously Sold Examples

Super Glide Almighty "Old Black - Little Neil"
Koll Super Glide Almighty "Old Black - Neil"
Super Glide Almighty Dark Walnut
Super Glide Almighty Orange Tint
Super Glide Almighty w/TK Smith C.A.R. Pickups
Super Glide Almighty Spruce Top
Super Glide Almighty Silver Sparkle
Super Glide Almighty Big Leaf Maple & Copper
Duo Glide Tuxedo
Duo Glide Chambered Oregon Alder
Duo Glide Cherry Burst
Duo Glide Porsche Irish Green
Duo Glide w/Charlie Christians
Duo Glide Birdseye Gretsch Orange
Duo Glide w/Mastery
Duo Glide 12-String
Super Cub Gretsch Orange
Super Cub Dirty Gold
Super Cub Tobacco Sunburst
Troubadour 1964 Volkswagen Bahama Blue
Tornado Korina