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Tony Texeira has been building amplifiers for over 15 years under the Tex/Texeira name, and has been pivotal in bringing the "projector amp" concept into the marketplace following in heralded amp builder Bernie Raunig's footsteps. Tony has taken the concept and formalized it into a robust, well-built design that has proven to be much more road-worthy and reliable than some of the more finicky vintage projector circuits of the 50s and 60s.

Meet The Models


The Bernie Custom is Tex's tweaked recipe of one of the original Bernie Raunig projector amp conversions owned by session guitarist extraordinaire Colin Cripps.

These amps offer amazing dynamic response and feel and a surprising amount of low end and low mids for a low wattage EL84 powered amp.

Sweet low volume chimey cleans to authoritative and harmonically rich tube overdrive are what you can expect from this gorgeous amp.

EF86 | 20 Watts

The EF86 model represents the biggest amp offering in the Tex lineup, featuring a UK made Celestion G12M Greenback 12" speaker.

The most unique part of this circuit is the tube that bears the amp's name - an EF86 pentode preamp tube - which yields a quicker, more aggressive, Marshall-like overdrive.

MINI BERNIE | 14 Watts

The Mini Bernie takes all of the tonal goodness in the Bernie Custom and repackages it in a slightly more compact format.

The use of the 5 Watt cabinet size, a solid state rectifier, and a less efficient lower powered Celestion 10" speaker give up the goods a little quicker on the volume dial.


This particular model- the 5 Watt- is one of Tex's newer models and is the most compact and low-powered amp offered.

The 5 Watt offers superb dynamic response, great low volume cleans, and some amazing tube-driven overdrive with clear, defined midrange and great top end sparkle.

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Tex Amps Introduction

Bernie Custom Demo

Bernie Custom Demo

5 Watt Demo