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Beard Guitars

Ever since the first Beard resonator was delivered to a customer in 1985, Paul Beard and his small team have worked hard at making the highest quality instruments that take advantage of new technologies and techniques, while honoring the tradition of the Dopyera family.

Models We Love

"A Model" Odyssey

The "A Model" Odyssey is one of the most flat-out FUN instruments for a player of traditional flattops to pick up. With the warmth and openness of a traditional guitar, and the volume and cluck of a resonator, the A Model provides a unique and invigorating voice for a soloist. The sustain in alternate tunings simply must be heard to be believed!

Jerry Douglas "BrownBeard"

Squareneck dobro players will find lots to love about the Jerry Douglas Signature "BrownBeard" guitar. The Mahogany body ensures plenty of tonal warmth, alongside the trademark Beard clarity and depth of tone. Performance ready, featuring the Fishman "Nashville" bridge pickup, this is a dobro that will outperform expectations whether on stage or in a jam.

Josh Swift Standard

Josh Swift's signature models are a great choice for the modern dobro player who requires depth of tone and brightness to cut through a mix. The body is Beard's classic "E Model" design, with the addition of their "Shockwave" bridge inserts.

Radio Standard A Odyssey Roundneck

The Beard Radio Standard line offers minimally adorned versions of their classic high-end guitars, bringing their sensational sound and playability into a more attractive price point. We love the Odyssey for the flexibility it offers traditional flattop players. Want to leave your right hand technique unaltered and acquire a dobro-esque voice for your stable? Look no further.

Radio Standard E Model Squareneck

The Model E has been the standard of excellence in modern square necks ever since Jerry Douglas picked one up over a decade ago, and the Radio Standard E continues in that fine tradition. The guitar boasts a big, modern voice, with thumping low end power, warm, vocal midrange, and clear, slightly rounded trebles. Great dynamics on tap, with projection when you need it, yet still capable of intimate expressivity, a feat hard to pull off in most resophonic guitars.

RFB Model

Built in the style of a 1930's biscuit resonator, the Beard RFB model provides the clear, punchy tone that's perfect for old-time country & blues. Features the Beard 9.5" Biscuit cone and Fishman Nashville Series Biscuit Style pickup. 

Deco Phonic Sidecar

Designed from the ground up for punchy acoustic blues and fingerstyle performance. With a tonality and projection that contradicts the smaller body profile, the Beard “R” body shape features a time-honored appearance.

Deco Phonic Southside

The Southside acoustic guitar is a uniquely resonant, punchy instrument with a slightly extended low end and velvety midrange. The mid-size Beard “A” body shape is visually unique and comfortable to play.

Deco Phonic Highball

Revered for its amazing bluegrass and Americana voicing, this slope-shouldered dreadnought with a more comfortable body depth is perfect for any player looking for a knock-out instrument with a more ergonomic profile.

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