El Cajon, CA


"This is a guitar for electric players

who don’t want to be a stereotype."

~ Andy Powers

While Andy Powers is best known for the innovations he's brought to Taylor Guitars (most notably his radical and much- lauded 'V-Class' bracing design) as their Master Guitar Designer and ownership partner, it may surprise some to learn that he is actually a long-time electric guitar player - and a mighty fine one, it should be noted.

As the head of a renowned acoustic guitar company like Taylor, you wouldn’t expect him to be as versed in electric guitars as he is, but Andy definitely knows his stuff. He’s worked on (and owned) countless vintage guitars throughout his life and spent many a night on stage gigging with a variety of electric guitars. These formative experiences no doubt helped shape the path he would eventually take towards developing his own electric guitar designs.

Interestingly, his first model - the Powers Electric A-Type - draws its inspiration from more than just vintage guitars. Its existence is part of a deeper story that involves Andy’s upbringing, surrounded by San Diego's rich surf, skate, car, and music culture.




A-Type Features

A-Type Body

The body is slim, hollow and fully enclosed. Inside, it contains two soundposts, similar to the soundpost in a violin, that allow the front and back to move together, increasing resonance and sustain while reducing feedback.

FF42 Pickups 

The FF42 are warm, full sounding and use a “full Faraday” cage made with 42-gauge wire. Visually, it’s engine turned on top, reminiscent of hot rod detailing.

PF42 Pickups

The PF42, “partial Faraday” pickup, creates a firmer, brighter sound and visually features matching pearloid pickguard material.

Knobs & Tremolo Tip

Shop-crafted in-house from layers of surfboard resin, which originally was a byproduct of the surfboard glassing process. Because of this, no two resin knobs look exactly alike.

CamTail Tremolo & Custom Bridge

Ever played a chord and had it stay in tune while depressing the tremolo bar? Now you can with the Powers Camtail Tremolo and High-Carbon Steel Bridge w/Delrin Saddle.

Asymmetrical Fingerboard

An asymmetrical fingerboard radius - which is slightly flatter on the treble side - makes for easy and better sounding string bends.

Color Examples

Saffron Yellow Metallic
Meissen Blue
Garnet Red
Imperial Bronze
Signal Yellow
Fjord Green
Sienna Metallic
Tropical Turqouise
Cosmo Red
Wild Honey Burst
Blue Lagoon
Shadow Black
Cabernet Red
Sweet Tea Orange

A-Type Demo | Rich Hinman

Tim Pierce & Andy Powers | A-Type