San Diego, CA

High Spirit Guitars

After years of heading up repairs in various Southern California guitar shops, Connor Kelly is now designing and building his own custom made electric guitars in the San Diego area. Unique and exciting design combined with familiar bolt-neck sensibilities and a true artisan-level approach make these guitars some of the coolest - and attainable - hand-made electrics in the shop.

Meet The Models

Flamingo Hawk

The Flamingo Hawk shares its lineage from the short-scale Hagstrom I, among other European and Japanese import guitars from the 50s and 60s, but with an elevated build quality and materials that parallel some of our favorite Fender bolt-neck electrics.

Red Tail Hawk

The Redtail Hawk is High Spirit Guitar's flagship model that was designed in homage to classic European and Japanese guitars. This model has deep and intricate contours and also features neck profiles of classic feeling instruments.

Spirit Tomahawk

The Tomahawk model is arguably the most original design in the High Spirit lineup. A slim and lightweight solidbody with asymmetrically pointed double cutaways remind us of some of the great European and Japanese electrics from the 50s and 60s, but with a much higher build quality and distinct level of craftsmanship.

Shadow Hawk

The Shadow Hawk combines elements of the Tomahawk model in its asymmetrical double cutaways, but takes on an entirely different shape below the waist. Think of it almost like a compact Explorer with a little Futura sprinkled in, keeping in line with the progressive angular body style that has a more dramatic silhouette compared to other offerings.

High Spirit Features


As a one-man operation, Connor takes pride in designing parts for his instruments that give them a unique aesthetic and superior performance. This includes the bridges, tailpieces, pickguards, and pickups.


The double pickguard's unique shape is a signature of High Spirit's brand, and also universal on a few of their models.


High Spirit guitars feature Connor's unique, signature headstock designs which harken back to a '60s aesthetic.

Connor Kelly

Previously Sold Examples

Flamingo Hawk Junior Burgundy Mist
Flamingo Hawk Aged Burgundy Mist
Flamingo Hawk Black
Flamingo Hawk Korina
Flamingo Hawk Sunburst
Red Tail Hawk Custom | 70s Wide Range Pickups
Red Tail Hawk Copper Metallic
Red Tail Hawk Natural
Red Tail Hawk Pearl Metallic
Red Tail Hawk Sunburst
Tomahawk Custom | Pine & Wandre RI Pickups
Tomahawk Custom | Reclaimed Sycamore
Tomahawk Capri Orange
Tomahawk Cherry
Tomahawk Fiesta Red
Tomahawk Mary Kaye Blonde
Tomahawk Sunflower Yellow
Tomahawk Surf Green

Red Tail Hawk Pearl Metallic | Tomo Fujita

Tomahawk Fiesta Red | Dan King

Tomahawk | Cody Nislen