West Paris, ME

Laurent Brondel

Laurent Brondel is a luthier of remarkable skill, as evidenced by his ability to make phenomenal acoustic - and - electric guitars. He also just happens to be one hell of a player, too. If you're into vintage guitars in any way, don't sleep on Laurent's electrics - their feel, playability, and tones will truly blow you away.
Laurent Brondel
"I was born in Paris, France. As far as I can remember my life has been devoted to music. I went on a first tour at age 17. At that time I thought of enrolling at the renowned Mirecourt National School of Luthiery in the Vosges mountains. Life decided otherwise and the next 18 years were spent living as a professional musician. Early on my love for the guitar led me to study how the instrument is built. In my search for the perfect acoustic steel-string guitar I purchased many vintage instruments and began to restore and resell them. This was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life and a true revelation. I came back full circle to my desire to be a luthier as a young man."

New Vintage

The 'New Vintage' guitars are exactly that: custom-spec, bolt-neck electrics, featuring a combination of curated vintage parts & Laurent's own guitar bodies. Together, they deliver an exceptional guitar with tone and vibe to spare.

Honeycaster S

While it may favor a more traditional aesthetic, the Honeycaster is a new build, made with a level of refinement, versatility, and player-centric setups that could easily go toe-to-toe with some of the most revered boutique electric guitars of our day.

Honeycaster T

To put it simply, the Honeycaster T-Style combines all the aspects of a classic T-Style, yet elevates it with a handmade feel and attention to detail that is difficult to rival. Available in both solid and thinline versions.

Honeycaster Hybrid

The marriage of a Tele bridge & pickup and a Stratocaster's ergonomic body and middle pickup make up the basis for the Honeycaster Hybrid. Ron Ellis pickups, vintage-inspired tones, feel, and responsiveness as real as an actual vintage guitar.
Laurent Brondel

Previously Sold Examples

“New Vintage” ’66 DC Hybrid
"New Vintage" '67 Stratocaster Daphne Blue
"New Vintage" 71/73 Strat Hot Rod Black
“New Vintage” ’66 DC Korina TV Specia
Honeycaster Hot Rod DC Olympic White
Honeycaster DC Sonic Blue
Honeycaster Hybrid Black w/Spitfire Pickguard
Honeycaster Hybrid Candy Apple Red
Honeycaster Hybrid Firemist Silver
Honeycaster Hybrid Seafoam Green
Honeycaster "Nashville" T-Style
Honeycaster SC Thinline Firemist Silver

New Vintage Demo

Honeycaster Demo