Tokoyo, Japan

Vemuram Pedals

Purpose built to handle the uncertainties of performing on stage, we are proud to present Vemuram Pedals. With their elegant bronze enclosures boasting simple yet musical controls, they have made their way into the arsenals of countless masterful players.

Meet The Pedals

Jan Ray Overdrive

The Jan Ray was designed to recreate the punchy clear tone of the Blackpanel Fender amps from the 60's. So-called the "Fender Magic 6" sound. An easy to handle overdrive keeping the characteristics of the guitar with great sustain without any unnatural compression.

Shanks II Fuzz

The SHANKS II was designed and based on the vintage sound of the Fuzz Face, Tonebender and the BUZZAROUND. Equipped with 2 Silicon Transistors and a FET with 3 Orange Drop capacitors. A versatile pedal which allows you to dial in the range of the fuzz to suit your needs with any kind of pickups or guitars.

Butter Machine

"Vemuram has designed the best distortion pedal that I have ever played through. We named it the 'Butter Machine', and if you play through one you’ll know why. It’s a very satisfying sonic experience." ~Michael Landau

Vemuram Artists

Ariel Posen
Darryl Jones
David Grissom
Doyle Bramhall II
Michael Landau
Pete Thorn