Nashville, TN

Nashville Banjo Company

We are happy to be stocking the uber-handsome, great-sounding banjos from the Nashville Banjo Company. Things we love about these banjos ... the slim neck feel and easy playability, the warm and clucky sound, the restrained-yet-artful aesthetic, and the beautifully selected tonewoods. Things we don't love about them ... nothing!

Models We Love

Broadway 11"

The "Broadway" model features an 11" rim and integrated wood tone ring, for a lovely mix of warmth and pop. Priced with hardshell case, an instrument from the Nashville Banjo Co. offers an incredibly solid-feeling & toneful instrument that stands toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the business.

Cumberland 12"

The "Cumberland" model features an 12" rim and integrated wood tone ring, for a lovely warm tone well-suited to a player who uses the banjo to accompany their voice when they're not playing tunes.

Dave Dillard | Owner & Craftsman
"There is something very satisfying in the song and rhythm of an open-back banjo. It can pull our thoughts towards a simpler season and help settle a busy mind. We consider it a great privilege to build an instrument that you’ll love to play, one that will inspire you to share your song with others, and one your family will treasure for generations to come."

Sample Recordings