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Waterloo Guitars

The Waterloo brand, founded by the late Bill Collings, is all about capturing the voice and spirit of the very best depression era guitars & mandolins n well-made and very playable instruments.

Meet The Models


The WL-12 Mahogany harkens back to the “Dust Bowl” era of simple and affordable instruments that reflected the elemental need for music in tough and trying times. Often accompanied by only boot stomps, the instruments that inspired the WL-12 needed to be punchy and full, but compact and easy to travel with. The comfortable and lightweight WL-12 is designed with these qualities to be a musical companion in just about any circumstance, and brings the soulful and unadorned character of 1920s and 30s instruments forward to today’s musicians.


The WL-14 is the flagship model of the Waterloo guitar line and the inspiration that started it all. Keeping true to the design and style of the era, the WL-14 is available in "ladder" bracing (L) as well as "X" bracing (X). The ladder bracing option provides woody and open tone, with midrange honk that's perfect for fingerstyle blues. The "X" braced version retains tighter focus and balance across the tonal range.


The Waterloo Kel-Kroydon-inspired WL-K is a rounder, warmer-sounding guitar than its Kalamazoo-inspired brethren. It's light as air, just like the originals, and responds with ease whether fingerpicked or flatpicked. A great sounding guitar for fingerstyle blues and old-time music!


The Waterloo WL-S series pays homage to the great Stella guitars of the 1930's, featuring period-correct soft-V neck and ladder-braced construction which provides the snappy, bluesy tone we've come to associate with that golden age of guitar making. The WL-S models are made with solid Cherry back & sides, a solid Spruce top and "pyramid" style ebony bridge.


The WL-AT is Waterloo's interpretation of a 1930's style 14" wide archtop (14 13/16", to be precise). These punchy, raw sounding guitars are praised by flatpickers taking up the style of Mother Maybelle Carter; and they make wonderful lead instruments in a duo setting (think Dave Rawlings to Gillian Welch's flattop).

Jumbo King

We have a fond association with the Waterloo Jumbo King. On a visit to TME years ago, Bill Collings himself cozied up with a well-played old Regal Jumbo he found in the corner of the shop, pronouncing it the best guitar in the store ("Including mine!"). And when the Waterloo project was born, the Jumbo King was included to pay homage to that aforementioned Regal. The Jumbo King has a massive, throaty sound, that lends itself well to traditional strumming & flatpicking ~ or to a more aggressive style of blues fingerpicking.

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