Austin, TX

Calton Cases

Calton Cases are 'the' premier luxury hard cases. Every part of a Calton Case is engineered to keep your instrument safe for a lifetime.

Calton Case Features

Protective Shell

Calton's reinforced and reliable fiberglass shell offers layer upon layer of security and protection for everything from punctures and impacts to weather and temperature.



A premium velvet-covered interior is carefully shaped with soft flexible foam to contour exactly to your instrument for a snug fit and maximum security.

Heights Ready

Drops, falls and stage dives don’t stand a chance: your instrument is secure for impacts from up to 9 ft.

Unmatched Latches

Sturdy steel latches surrounded by snug, durable rubber bumpers ensure your latches can take the abuse, stay shut, and last in every environment.

Crush Proof

Life aboard a touring van is a dangerous place for a guitar - so is being under one. Calton's advanced design and quality materials are made to withstand up to 1100 lbs of pressure.

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