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Grace Design

Grace Design is a family owned and operated company. Founded by brothers Michael and Eben Grace in the early '90s, they have grown steadily into a globally recognized professional and consumer audio brand, known for superlative audio performance, reliability and the finest customer service.

Meet The Pedals

BiX | Preamp-DI

In a few short years, FELiX and AliX have become the preamps of choice for discerning touring and recording musicians. From Banjo to bass players, they enable performers to perfect their stage and studio sound beyond what was previously possible.

And now directly from this lineage comes BiX, which shares the exact same DNA of its bigger siblings, but with an intelligently streamlined feature set and a price that puts it in reach of any performer, whether on their way to the local coffee shop or the megadome.

Alix | Preamp-EQ-DI-Boost

Like its big sibling the FELiX, ALiX is built into the same roadworthy floor unit chassis, portable enough to throw in your bag or strap to your pedalboard, but still deliver studio quality sound to the stage. With the same stunning audio performance and legendary reliability as Grace Audio's pro audio range, ALiX brings open, musical and nuanced sonic character to any performance situation.

Felix 2 | Preamp-Blender

FELiX2 is a studio quality, 2 channel blending acoustic instrument and mic preamp, designed for working musicians, engineers, sound companies or venues looking for the highest quality solution for amplifying stringed instruments.

Grace Design Artists

Billy Strings

“Stoked to be using the Grace Design BiX. This thing sounds natural and full. It’s very responsive and catches all the little nuances that I love about my acoustic guitar.”

Bryan Sutton

“Congrats on making a great box. I’ve been hoping for something of this caliber for years and years. It renders my pedal board of the last several years obsolete and useless. It’s easy to use and sounds like I’d hoped. Bottom line – this is the best preamp I’ve ever used.”

Molly Tuttle

“The Felix is the only preamp that lets me have true control of my sound no matter the situation. I love being able to blend my pickup with a mic to get a more natural tone. I always feel confident that my guitar is sounding it’s best thanks to Felix!”


“It’s a dream to work with this equipment, in the sense that it almost entirely vanishes in the creative process – being so utterly transparent and seamless. Working so much with organic, analogue sound, it’s absolutely crucial to work with gear capable of capturing and describing every sound with warmth, clarity and soul. GRACE is pure class.”

Grace Design | Molly Tuttle

Alix | Shawn Tubbs

Grace Design | Bix