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Victoria Amplifiers

If you're into old-school Fender amplifiers on any level, you simply have to check out Victoria Amps. Nobody makes more accurate sounding, feeling, and looking amps in this style than Mark Baier of Victoria Amps, period.

Models We Love

518 | 5 Watts

The Victoria 518 is the perfect low-wattage companion. One knob (volume/on-off), an 8" speaker, and a gorgeous (and petite) pine cabinet. It's you, your guitar, a cup of coffee (or beer), and the amp...nothing to distract or get in your way...touch sensitive, great dynamic range, tone. Done.

Vicky Verb | 5 Watts

Imagine a tweed Champ with reverb and tone controls - and - the ability to run at 5 watts via a 6V6 tube, or, take it up to 15 watts via a 6L6 or EL34 all without having to rebias the amp. There's also a Full and Half power switch which makes this the ultimate living room, small gig, or studio amp. 

20112 | 14 Watts

The Victoria 20112 is Victoria Amplifier's take on the lauded "narrow panel" Fender Deluxe. The Victoria 20112 is one of the best recreations of this legendary amp on the market. Don't think of it as simply an amp - these are instruments in and of themselves.

Ivy League | 14 Watts

The Ivy League from Victoria Amplifiers is a loving recreation of the classic Fender 5F10 Harvard-style amplifier. Every aspect of the original model is reproduced in the Ivy League; triple inputs, 6AT6 7 pin preamp tube, twin 6V6 power tubes and a single 10" speaker.

Victoriette | 20 Watts

The Victoriette possesses the warmth and clean headroom of a black panel Deluxe, with the character, charm, and dynamic response of a Class A British amp, but it is a knockoff of nothing. 

Silver Sonic | 20 Watts

The Silver Sonic incorporates dual 6V6 powered classic 5F6-A architecture (Fender Tweed Bassman), combined with 100% tube reverb and harmonic filter vibrato all in a 1X12 combo cabinet. At 20W, it delivers rich dimensional performance for intimate gig or studio use.

Mark Baier | Victoria Founder
"In 1993, I set out to faithfully recreate the crown jewels among the many classic amplifiers developed by Leo Fender. Victoria Amplifier is recognized by players and critics alike for having succeeded in recapturing the classic sound, design, and American craftsmanship embodied in the tweed amps of the late '50s."
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