This is a store

built by musicians

for musicians.


We are a diverse team of lifelong musicians. We are also collectors, self-ascribed music nerds, educators, photographers, videographers, designers, artists, repair experts, and learners of all stylistic backgrounds—men and women with open minds, if not strong opinions, and varied musical tastes.


Since 1968, we have been here to help you find your next musical inspiration. In what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process, our aim is to curate a rewarding, enjoyable, and unique experience of musical discovery. This is music—it should be fun! 

The Music Emporium is a haven for music enthusiasts who love exceptional craftsmanship and crave personalized service. You can browse, discover, and play the finest boutique & vintage acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos available today. Our staff know this inventory well, because it is a collection that we, ourselves, have curated. We carry what we love, pure and simple.

Whether you are a seasoned musician, vintage collector, or a beginner just starting down this path, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.


Step into our comfortable showroom, and you will be struck by the array of incredible instruments lining the walls, amazing amplifiers laid out in neat rows or stacked in a “tonehenge” display, and a glass bakery case filled with some of the world’s finest boutique effect pedals.

A diverse display of wood and steel wonders—all close at hand and accessible—invite you to grab an instrument and explore. When you have questions, you have an attentive ear in us, ready to A/B choices and make suggestions based on your unique interests.


If you are visiting us online from anywhere in the world, our aim is to create this same sense of welcome, wonder, and support. How to capture the magic of the in-store experience for our online customers remains an ongoing focus.

It can be challenging to navigate an instrument search from afar. From premium video and audio content to one-on-one consultations, our experienced staff is dedicated to making this process an easy, happy, and successful one.


We love helping you discover musical instruments that bring you joy and enable your creative expression, now and for the long term.

It is about more than just the gear. It is about the journey, and it is one we care about passionately. From hand-selecting the perfect guitar to offering expert advice on maintenance and care, we are committed to ensuring that your musical experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

For more than 55 years, this has been our mission, and it remains just as compelling today!