Starting with a clean design and a team of dedicated guitar makers, Comins Guitar Craft Series instruments are built to meet the demands of discriminating musicians looking for performance and value. Materials are chosen for sonic properties and structural integrity, and specifications are maintained at every step along the way.

Meet the models


The GCS-1 is a solidly built semi-hollow guitar designed for musicians looking for a well-made, practical, and roadworthy instrument. Inherently versatile, it can produce a myriad of tonalities suitable for many music genres. It is adorned with a laminated flame Maple top and a laminated Sapele back, and the sides/internal block structure are routed from a solid wood core. This design yields a clear, balanced, and even articulation with enhanced sustain characteristics.


The GCS-1ES is of the same design as the GCS-1 although the fingerboard and top wood has been replaced with Ebony and Spruce respectively. This configuration tailors the instrument more specifically toward warmer/darker/thicker jazz tones. With exceptional sustain and resistance to feedback, the 1ES is capable of conveying the most nuanced of finger to string interactions.


Conceptually in the tradition of archtop jazz guitars, the GCS-16-1 imparts the girth of tone that only a guitar body with ample air space can achieve. That said, the 16” x 2.75” body remains very comfortable, has quickness in response, and offers a pleasing amount of acoustic presence. The body size also helps reduce potential for feedback and the built-in full size humbucker creates smooth and well balanced amplified tonalities.  As a jazz guitar the GCS-16-1 does everything you want it to do and fingerstyle players will appreciate the lofty overtones imparted by the laminated Spruce top.


Like the GCS-16-1, the GCS-16-2 also draws from archtop guitar tradition yet those archtops with more crossover appeal. The second pickup and metal bridge saddle facilitate a highly even and balanced response making the 16-2 a solid choice for electric jazz playing such as in organ trios or settings with loud percussion. And as it can hang in higher volume situations, this model is right at home in R&B and vintage rock environments. The bridge humbucker offers its own unique charms and it is especially useful when dialing in the separate volume and tone controls while in two pickup mode.