The Music Emporium has been selling Taylor Guitars for over 40 years, going back to the days when Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug would drive up to our store and sell us guitars out of their van! A lot has changed since then, but the partnership between us has only grown stronger. We're proud to be one of Taylor Guitar's oldest and most respected dealers.

Taylor By Series

Taylor organizes their acoustic guitar line by series, each of which features a distinct combination of tonewoods, design elements, and specifications that contribute to the guitar's overall sound and aesthetic.

Taylor Body Shapes

Taylor offers several guitar body shapes that range from small to large. Each body’s unique dimensions help define its fundamental voice to give it a distinctive tonal personality.

Model Number

Need help making sense of Taylor's model numbers? With this quick buyer guide to Taylor's model numbering system, you'll have the hang of it in no time flat.

Find Your Fit

How to choose the Taylor that’s right for you. Download the Find Your Fit Quick Guide to get started.

What Makes Taylor Unique?

Sustainability Leadership

Taylor is deeply committed to safeguarding the future of the natural resources they use. This has led them to pioneer many eco-sustainability initiatives around the world. When you purchase a Taylor guitar, you are supporting the highest levels of ethical, eco-conscious business.

Playable Necks

Taylor guitar necks are the most playable in the industry, thanks to their patented neck joint design and sleek neck profile. Taylor's precise neck/body assembly process allows every neck angle to be set with extreme accuracy and easily maintained throughout the life of the guitar.

Precision Craftsmanship

Taylor has set the standard for modern-day craftsmanship to create the best possible playing experience. Their blend of innovative manufacturing technology with impeccable hand-craftsmanship has led to unmatched quality and consistency in the production of their guitars, and helped Taylor develop game-changers like V-Class bracing.

Tonal Variety

Taylor's relentless drive to refine their guitars blends nuanced design expertise with envelope-pushing manufacturing capability. This allows them to offer a rich mix of guitar personalities and give players at every level an inspiring musical experience. With options as diverse as the Grand Pacific and Grand Concert, Taylor's lineup features a nearly endless array of sounds.

Taylor Essentials

Taylor Capos

The Taylor Guitar capo utilizes an around-the-neck yoke design that ensures superior tone, intonation, and tuning stability.


The Taylor Beechwood Guitar Stand is made of a beautiful Danish beechwood and is the perfect compliment to any acoustic guitar.


Beautiful Ebony guitar wall hanger for elegantly displaying your guitar collection.