UK-based Damian Probett is considered by many to be one of the finest electric builders working today. His name regularly appears in conversation alongside the likes of Johan Gustavsson, Gil Yaron, and Michael Stevens.

"One of my early obsessions was old British motorcycles. Those things will teach you one end of a spanner from the other really quickly! I’ve retained a love for these beautiful, quirky things both as machines and for how they represent a time of British manufacturing. My logo and model names are both inspired by these fascinating devices.

I’ve also always played guitar. This led to several years working for one of London’s leading repair shops. Charlie Chandler and Paul Herman remain a source of inspiration and encouragement. I have been fortunate to get to spend time with many vintage instruments. Their unique and sometimes quirky nature was, like the motorcycles of the same era, a source of inspiration for my own designs." ~ Damian Probett

We can probably all agree that the basic parameters of guitar evaluation are: overall build quality, playability, tone, and looks. Sounds about right, yes? There's one other factor that is always present in a exceptional instrument: Feel. Soul. Vibe. Mojo. Whatever you call it, the best builders know how to infuse their instruments with it. Damian has proven time and again that he has mastered the art.

Rocket III

Love Strats, Teles, and LPs but can't decide which to get? Enter the Rocket III.

The top half of the Rocket's body is all Strat - the bottom half of the body is all Tele (with a few tweaks). Meaning, contours for the top half of the body and no contours for the bottom half (comfort while standing or while seated). Best of both worlds!

Add to this recipe some very Gibson-like features - set neck, neck carve, scale length, pitched headstock - and you've got one hell of a cool, versatile, tone-filled guitar that is incredibly addictive.

Guitar Player Magaine - Editor's Pick


The Meteor combines elements from various 1950s solid body guitars with the aim of retaining a cohesive and functional design. Simply put, it is the single cutaway brother of the Rocket III.  Equal parts Tele and LP Special.

The Meteor uses a full width tenon that provides massive contact area which gives unbeatable rigidity and vibration transfer. Both critical elements in making an instrument that both sounds and feels “right”. 


The SG-TEOR, as its name implies, takes the Meteor model back to the early 60s with the additional of body contours and a redesigned neck joint a la the classic Gibson model.

With a 1 1/2" deep body, the Meteor is a sleek and easy to manage electric with punchy, muscular tones - no surprise here given the SG influence.

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Guitar Body | Edge Shaping

Radiusing Fingerboards

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