A quality case, whether a hardshell or a soft 'gig bag', is essential to safely storing or traveling with your guitar. We've picked out what we feel are the best cases on the market in each category to help you do just that!

Which Case Is right for me?

All of the instuments that we sell will come with a case of some type - either a hardshell or softshell 'gig bag' depending on what the manufacturer uses. As with most things, your use case is really what can help determine which case is best for you. Here's a quick primer.

Hardshell Cases

A hardshell case provides the most protection either when storing or traveling with your instrument - but - the downside is that they can be heavy and a little cumbersome to navigate.

If you are flying with your instrument and looking to check it, a Calton Case is essential as it is designed for this purpose (other 'standard' hardshell cases are not). The hardshell case that came with your instrument is more than adequate for most storage / light travel purpose.

Softshell Cases / Gig Bags

Softshell cases (frequently referred to as gig bags), on the other hand, are ideal for players who travel frequently with their instruments - to gigs, jams, lessons, or a friend's house to play.

A quality gig bag from Mono Cases offers a great mix of the protection of a hardshell case with the ease of a gig bag.