Why Sell With Us

The Music Emporium is a reputable and specialized retailer of high-end boutique and vintage guitars that caters to a discerning clientele of hobbyists, professional musicians, and collectors.

Decades of experience handling high-end and vintage instruments, knowledge of sales trends, and access to real-time market data enable our team to advise you on the best available options, whether this is your first time selling, or your 10th.

Our strong online presence and destination showroom allow us to reach a broad audience, helping us achieve faster - and greater - returns for our clients.


What Are The Available Options?


Whether you're interested in selling off your prized vintage collection, a single instrument, or simply want to sell your current instrument in order to downsize your collection, we can purchase your instrument(s) directly from you, at an agreed upon price.

We are especially interested in high-end and vintage instruments, and are available to travel to you for high value instruments.


Why consign with us? The biggest reason is our success rate. More often than not, we are able to find your instrument a new home, and relatively quickly.

We will manage the sale of your instrument(s), working on your behalf and handling the process from start to finish. Let us sweat the details.

From evaluating condition, communicating any repair or setup needs, and preparing the instrument for sale, to taking unparalleled photography and writing up clear, candid descriptions, you can rest assured that your instrument will be presented in its best light.

We leverage the power of an industry-leading website with national and international reach to attract and interface with a large body of prospective new and return clients.

Once your instrument sells, we communicate the details to you, and render payment in a timely fashion.

You'll earn 75% of the final sale price for instruments that sell between $3,500- $12,500. For higher-value items, contact us for rates and selling options.


Trades towards in-stock instruments are a great option for those looking to upgrade their current instrument.

We access trade values on a case-by-case basis, based on the instrument you're interested in, and the instrument you are offering.

How It Works

1. Recieve An Offer

After submitting your instrument(s) via our intake form, we will respond via email with an offer to purchase, consign, or explore a trade-in of your instrument(s).

2. SHIP Your Instrument

Once an offer is accepted, if necessary, carefully box your instrument(s) and mail them to our showroom location. Local customers can deliver their instruement(s) to our showroom.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide shipping labels at this time.


If we are purchasing your instrument(s) remotely, payments will be made within 7 days via check or immediately in our shop if you are local. Consignment payouts occur within a period of 30 days after the sale has been finalized.


"These guys have been and continue to be the best in the business. Always a pleasure to deal with."

Andover, MA

"Selling a guitar thru consignment is the most pleasant experience at The Music Emporium. They are the best at it and have it down to a science! I would not go anywhere else." 

Decatur, IL

"I have purchased everything from an accessory costing $20 to multi $1k instruments From TME. I have also sold instruments to them. I have always been pleased with the professionalism of all the staff I have worked with. Mostly I keep coming back for the personal touch and friendliness."

Lakeland, FL

"Outstanding staff, great expertise across the board (acoustic instruments to electric guitars and everything in between from pedals to amps and more), friendly and very consultative, and truly exceptional service! I highly recommend The Music Emporium."

South Weymouth, MA

REcent Vintage CONSIGNMENT SALE Highlights

1941 | Martin D-45

Sold for $300,000 | 2021

1957 | Gibson Les Paul Standard

Sold for $150,000 | 2023

1924 | Gibson F5 Lloyd Loar Signed

Sold for $110,000 | 2023

1962 | Fender Stratocaster

Sold for $75,000 | 2023

1938 | Martin 000-28

Sold for $85,000 | 2022

1959 | Fender Stratocaster

Sold for $95,000 | 2023

1967 Gibson ES-335 & 1973 Fender Deluxe | Formally Owned By Rich Robinson

Sold for $11,550 | 2018-19

1933 | Gibson Nick Lucas Special

Sold for $48,000 | 2023

1968 | Fender Telecaster

Sold for $20,000 | 2022


We accept a range of acoustic and electric guitar, amplifier, mandolin, and banjo brands and price points. Ultimately, we are seeking high quality instruments from every era that have a rich history and place in the arc of instrument making.

There are several factors that help to determine the value of an instrument, starting with its age and condition. In addition, we rely on our deep sales history and current market dynamics to help determine an accurate value.

If the decision is made to consign your instrument(s) with us, we will sell your instrument on your behalf within the range of acceptable prices that are determined at the start of your consignment.

Upon your instrument's finalized sale, a check for the final sale amount, less a 25% commission fee (unless a different rate was agreed upon at the start of the consignment), will be mailed to you within a 30 day period of the finalized sale's date.

The time it takes for an instrument to sell depends on a range of variables, however, the average time is about 3 months. Thanks to our established reputation in the music community, along with our daily website and showroom traffic, the time it takes for an instrument to sell can be quite a bit faster than expected.

No. In order to maximize your return, we only list items on our high-traffic website and in our showroom. We occasionally feature instruments in supplemental social media posts and email newsletters to our client base.