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TopHat Amplifiers | Super Deluxe 1x12"

The Super Deluxe has enough flexibility to dial in really inspiring classic rock-centric tones at either stage or home volumes - and - you'll look damned good doing it!

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Universal Audio | Select Pedals 20% Off Thru 3/31

If you've been considering adding a UA Astra Modulation, Golden Reverb, or Starlight Delay pedal to your board - and why wouldn't you? They sound incredible and offer enough features to make them versatile but not overwhelming - they're 20% off through March 31st.

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TME x Spotify | Under The Influence: 12-Strings

We've got a jangly new Spotify playlist for you featuring some of our collective favorite tracks that utilize, you guessed it, 12-string guitars. We were surprised at just how many of our faves feature this remarkable instrument. Headphones on.....go!

Hidden Gems #12 | Pink Floyd Edition

With the 50th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon Album upon us, we thought it'd be fun to look at gear from our inventory that will help you capture the band's classic tones from the album.

TME Journal


The staff share their personal Hidden Gems from our inventory that they think should be on your radar.


We have decades of experience with high-end and vintage instruments, a rich sales history, and real-time market data which allows us to make a fair offer the first time.



High end selection, great environment, unpretentious...awesome!

Bill Collings, Founder of Collings Guitars

There are a lot of things to like about The Music Emporium, but first and foremost is how it has embraced innovative, independent builders.

The Fretboard Journal

This is what all guitar stores should be like. Laid back sales staff ready to answer questions, but also stay out of your way to let you really play whatever guitar it is that suits you. And boy howdy do they have a great selection of instruments to choose from or what? Both electric and acoustic, if you can't find something you like, maybe you're not a guitarist in the first place.

Greg Coccoluto

If you're looking to purchase a quality instrument, this is the place. When you enter, it feels as such, comfortable rugs and sofas and a crew ready to assist. And if you aren't aware, it's one of the few such places in the U.S. Do yourself a favor and stop by, even if you're just browsing.

Scott Rule

One of the most beautiful music shops I have visited. Each guitar on their four walls is meticulously selected and/or custom built by leading luthiers/companies. Thank you Music Emporium for a seamless purchase and service. You deliver best-in-class across the board.

C. Jones

This is one of the best guitar shops in the country - period. Their selection is insanely good - across all price points - and they are honest, great people who treat everyone well. They’re also very fair and straightforward with trade-in values - better than any other shop I’ve dealt with - and don’t try to upsell you.

M. Cohn

Bought a beautiful used guitar online from here. They even checked the guitar and straightened the neck for me before shipping. The guitar was well packaged/protected and arrived quickly.

Diego Garcia

The Music Emporium offers musicians a superior retail instruments and gear experience, both as a walk-in and online store. Living on the opposite side of the country from TME, I was amazed at the ease of the purchasing and delivery process.

G. Matthews

A truly outstanding guitar buying experience! The selection at the ME is unmatched, particularly in their showcasing of up-and-coming builders. The knowledge of the staff and their willingness to take the time to listen to my needs was appreciated.

J. Crouch


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