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We're a collective of passionate musicians and guitar junkies who are dedicated to helping you find your next favorite instrument.

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1973 Fender Jazz Bass Pair

This pair of 1973 Jazz Basses captures the era perfectly, but perhaps what we love most about them is the way they're carbon copies of one another. The Black J Bass, with its maple fingerboard and black block markers, contrasts perfectly with the Olympic White J Bass and its rosewood fingerboard and pearl block markers.


Matt Munisteri & Jake Eddy In Concert | April 4th | 7:30pm

We are excited to host guitarists Jake Eddy and Matt Munisteri for a showroom concert! This show promises to be an unbeatable opportunity to hear two of the acoustic guitar community's most amazing players wielding world-class vintage instruments in an intimate setting.


We just became a Fender Custom Shop Showcase level dealer! We look forward to helping establish a strong Fender presence in the Boston / New England area.

NEW! Under The Influence | The 1st Cut Is The Deepest

This staff-curated Spotify playlist has us exploring a range of iconic artist's (or a personal fave artist's) first track off of their first album. How did they introduce themselves to the world? What was their first foot forward, so to speak?

COMING SOON! Josh Williams Guitars

We're excited to welcome CA-based Josh Williams to The Music Emporium family! Josh's Gibson-inspired guitars have drawn the attention of players like Josh Smith, Ariel Posen, Drew Shirley, and Joey Landreth. Keep an eye on our site this spring!

COMING SOON! Deimel Guitarworks

We're excitedly awaiting our first batch of Deimel guitars to hit the shop! This independent brand, based in Germany, is known for their gorgeous designs that feature extremely creative wiring and pickup configurations. Keep an eye on our site!


Our strong online presence and destination showroom allow us to reach a broad audience, helping us achieve faster - and greater - returns for our clients.

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"High end selection, great environment, unpretentious...awesome!"

Bill Collings
Collings Guitars

"There are a lot of things to like about The Music Emporium, but first and foremost is how it has embraced innovative, independent builders."

“What sets The Music Emporium apart from other stores? The staff. Unsurpassed.”

TJ Thompson

“Right from the beginning, The Music Emporium has always been the center where music, players, and instruments come together.”

Dana Bourgeois
Bourgeois Guitars

If you're looking to purchase a quality instrument, this is the place. When you enter, it feels as such, comfortable rugs and sofas and a crew ready to assist. And if you aren't aware, it's one of the few such places in the U.S. Do yourself a favor and stop by, even if you're just browsing.

S. Rule

One of the most beautiful music shops I have visited. Each guitar on their four walls is meticulously selected and/or custom built by leading luthiers/companies. Thank you Music Emporium for a seamless purchase and service. You deliver best-in-class across the board.

C. Jones

This is one of the best guitar shops in the country - period. Their selection is insanely good - across all price points - and they are honest, great people who treat everyone well. They’re also very fair and straightforward with trade-in values - better than any other shop I’ve dealt with - and don’t try to upsell you.

M. Cohn

The Music Emporium offers musicians a superior retail instruments and gear experience, both as a walk-in and online store. Living on the opposite side of the country from TME, I was amazed at the ease of the purchasing and delivery process.

G. Matthews

A truly outstanding guitar buying experience! The selection at the ME is unmatched, particularly in their showcasing of up-and-coming builders. The knowledge of the staff and their willingness to take the time to listen to my needs was appreciated.

J. Crouch