Salt Lake City, UT

Samar Audio

Samar Audio makes handcrafted, one-of-a-kind microphones and transformers built in an artisan tradition. Utmost importance is placed on quality, design, creativity, innovative solutions, and an artistic approach to sound engineering.
Hugh Robjohns | Sound On Sound
"Samar Audio have created a remarkably high-quality mic in the VL37, in terms of both its build quality and sound character, comparing favourably to my own Royer SF2 and AEA R92 ribbon mics."

Meet The Microphones

TF10 Condensor Microphone

Created to facilitate a wide range of applications the TF10 delivers smooth sound, with deep bass response and an un-hyped, sibilance free, top end. Due to the un-colored and neutral nature of the sonics built into the TF10, it is especially suitable for applications where sibilance-free sound is a priority, notably vocals and voice over applications. The extended low end and smooth top end make the TF10 an excellent choice for violins, brass instruments, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, drum overheads, room microphones, orchestra, and choir among other recording, broadcast, and classical music applications.

VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone

The VL37A's tonal balance combines a vintage vibe with a modern sound, creating a unique but affordable recording tool. Its bi-directional, figure 8, symmetrical polar pattern is perfect when used on vocals, choir, piano, violin, orchestra, brass instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, speaker cabinets, drum overheads, room microphones, among other recording, broadcast, and classical music applications. It has a Stainless Steel body and comes in a US made wooden box and anti-vibration shockproof clip.

Samar Microphone Users
The Metropolitan Museum of Arts (New York) | Newport Jazz Festival | Noah Scot Snyder (Capitol Studios) | Brandeis University (Slosberg Music Center, Massachusetts) | Francesco Perlangeli, (Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears, Pink) | Warner Chappell Music