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Island Instruments

"My designs are largely inspired by, and based off of the department store catalog instruments I consider to represent a peak of creativity in the electric guitar industry. I’m constantly trying to improve and evolve those designs for contemporary needs and standards, acknowledging and respecting the past while looking toward the future." ~ Nic Delisle

Models We Love


The original Island Instruments flagship, based on one of Nic's all-time favourite electric guitars: the iconic (at least in some circles)  Harmony H44 Stratotone. Brought into the 21st century and built with Island's signature style, design elements and custom parts. This small bodied guitar with a wide and fat neck, is comfortable to play and puts out a sound that belies its small stature.


With the Espeto, Nic set out to design and build the ultimate travel guitar, uncompromising quality and tone, and built to perform. It is a scaled down, headless version of the Forty-Four model. The finished instrument is less than 30” long, can weigh as little as 3.3 lbs but make no mistake though, the Espeto sounds massive and is built with the same standards and material quality as all Island instruments.


The DelAir is Nic's experimental hybrid electric archtop guitar built in collaboration with his close friend and shopmate, classical guitar luthier Mathieu Dallaire Walker. It took the better part of 4 years to develop and blends his interests in vintage design and aesthetics, contemporary and experimental materials and techniques, and inspiration from a number of builders that have paved the way before him.


The Tonoplata is an original bass design inspired by the vintage lines of old catalog instruments. It is available with a 34” or 30” aluminium neck, or wood neck in your choice of scale length, fretted or fretless. 

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