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Matthew Arcara Guitars

As a third-generation engineer, National Flatpicking Champion, touring musician, and luthier, Matthew Arcara knows a thing or two about what players are looking for, and what makes an instrument exceptional. We're honored to call Matt a friend, and thrilled to represent his exceptional guitars.
Grant Gordy
"My good friend Matt Arcara is making some really fine instruments, and I'm proud to say that I get to play one. His MGA guitars pay tribute to the spirit and quality craftsmanship of the much sought-after classic dreadnoughts, yet bear a distinctly modern sensibility and vision. He has an acute sense of what is important from a player's perspective."

Meet The Models


The fit and finish work are as clean as it comes in a hand-built guitar; and the voice has a perfect blend of modern clarity and dry, vintage-Martin boomy power, with volume to spare. Great responsiveness, and a wonderful, full-yet-not-obtrusive neck profile. If you're on the hunt for a hand-made dreadnought that will rival the tops of what's being done on the boutique scale, Matt's guitars are some of the most exciting being produced right now.


If you're looking for a vintage-style rosewood dreadnought that will stand toe to toe with anything on the market, the MGA-D2 deserves your attention. The powerful voice is replete with overtones, and a really attractive darkness in the low end. Dig in with your hardest G-run, and we're pretty sure you'll be grinning from ear to ear.


Light as a feather and responsive to both flatpicking and fingerpicking, the OM1 features beautiful tone woods, exceptional fit and finish and undeniably great sound. The OM1 continues Matt's trajectory as one of the most promising young builders in the flattop market.


The OM2 is everything you'd want out of an OM style guitar - responsive clarity that's perfect for fingerstyle, with the body and punch that you need for playing with a flatpick. This is a truly outstanding, versatile guitar that will only get better the more you play it.

Matthew Arcara

A Few Previously Sold Examples

D1 Cuban Mahogany
D1 Custom Koa
D2 Brazilian Rosewood
D2 Cocobolo
OM1 Beeswing Mahogany
OM2 Cocobolo

Arcara D2 Custom Brazilian / Adirondack

D1 Custom Flamed Mahogany / Torrefied Adirondack