Chelsea, VT

Froggy Bottom

We were Froggy's first dealer, many years ago now, and are proud to continue representing their guitars decades later. Built by a very small team in Vermont, these incredible guitars possess a singular responsiveness and sound all their own.

Models We Love

Parlor Size | P12 Model

This lightly braced 12 fret Froggy Bottom Parlor is a big guitar in a little package. With its warm, balanced voice, the P-12 is one of Froggy Bottom's most popular models. Even played bare-fingered, these instruments deliver a wide dynamic range with a sweet, balanced tone: sparkling highs and dramatic lows.

Grand Concert Size | H12

Responsive to the touch, with a rich and complex voice, the H12 has been Froggy Bottom Guitar’s best-selling design for over 20 years. Small enough to be really comfortable, but with volume and tone that will surprise and delight you, the H-12 is an excellent choice for finger-style guitarists.

Grand Concert Size | H14

The H-14 is the proverbial ‘OM’ guitar. With a scale length 1/4” longer than the H-12, and its slightly foreshortened body and higher bridge placement, the H-14 Grand Concert guitar is favored by players of ragtime and country blues, flat-picking and songs.

Grand Concert Size | R14

The R14 (14 fret) model is Froggy Bottom's take on a mid-30’s small-bodied Gibson. They are exceptionally versatile guitars, as well as very comfortable to play. The 24 3/4” scale length is pretty user-friendly, but the slightly smaller box works nicely even when pushed with a flat pick. And for country blues, lots of players feel it to be the best guitar there is.

Grand Concert Size | M

Born of requests for a grand concert version of their popular full-sized K guitar, Froggy Bottom M guitars sing with a balanced voice that has repeatedly been characterized as having great clarity and sparkle. Even when played with great delicacy, the Froggy M speaks clearly and beautifully. Its tight waist and full, rounded lower bout make it a pleasure to have in your lap.

Full-Sized | K

Froggy Bottom's most popular full-sized guitar, with its tight-waisted Gibson-inspired curves, the K model offers a well-balanced, overtone-rich voice across its entire dynamic range. Responsive and clear, the Froggy Bottom K is a versatile, articulate instrument suitable for many different styles of music.

"Each guitar we make is created to a clear picture of what the intended result will be, by a tiny group of master craftspeople who play guitar themselves, seriously. Simply, we make tools for self-expression for people who are sincere about making music. They may be famous players whose names are household words or someone you will never hear of, but they share a desire to use the guitar which allows them the greatest possible range of expression in making the music they imagine." ~ Michael Millard