The father/son pair of Scott Lentz Sr and Jr have been making some of the best vintage-leaning bolt-neck style guitars money can buy for over 4 decades. Painstaking attention to detail and choice of materials consistently yields some of the finest electrics you're likely to encounter.
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Reserve Series

The Reserve Series uses wood that has been aging for more than 25 years in the Lentz shop. Body and neck woods are frequency matched and the pickups are then custom wound in-house to match the resonate frequency of the wood. The resulting guitars are incredibly resonant and articulate, with depth and fullness of tone unmatched by other T and S style guitars.
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Traditional Series

Lentz have worked on literally hundreds of vintage T and S Style guitars and derived a set of principles that are common to the great ones. They bring this knowledge to their Traditional Series guitars, carefully selecting the raw wood and shaping the bodies and necks by hand. Every aspect of these models is carefully considered to bring out the true voice of each guitar.
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Original Design Series

The goal with the Original Design Series was to bring the Lentz team's expansive experience with electric guitars to the creation of incredibly versatile instruments without limits. With the Original Design Series, Scott Sr & Jr have been guided only by their passion, experience, and creativity. The Original Design Series is their vision of the perfect guitar.
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