South Burlington, VT

Iris Guitar Company

Established in 2018 as a division of Circle Strings, Iris Guitar Company is a small team of highly skilled and seasoned luthiers who are dedicated to building a modern instrument that captures vintage-inspired tone and aesthetics.
Adam Buchwald & Dale Fairbanks
"Iris guitars are handmade using a combination of state of the art techniques and old world craftsmanship. The model line represents our interpretation of depression era flattops, admired guitars from the mid century, and are meant to serve the everyday musician. For this, we have taken measures to provide an instrument that is simple, reliable, and elegant all at an affordable price point."

Models We Love

AB Model

Named after Iris co-founder, Adam Buchwald, The AB is the 3rd model in the Iris Guitar Company line-up. Introduced in 2020, it’s modeled on the J-185 and would be considered a small jumbo.

DF Model

Named after Iris co-founder, Dale Fairbanks, the DF is a slope shoulder dreadnought comparable in size to a J-45.

OG Model

The original model that put Iris on the map: The OG Model. It has a comfortable 25” scale and an equally comfy C-shape neck.


The RCM is a 12-fret 000 with a slimmer body than any other Iris. Proudly named after their General Manager, Christian McAdams.

MS-00 Model

The MS-00 was developed at the insistence of *Mark Stutman, for whom it’s named. This mid-thirties style guitar, with its short scale, is a wonderful complement to their line of small bodied Iris.

*Mark is a very talented luthier who is considered to be the expert in vintage Gibson guitars.

Iris MS-00 Limited w/Sarah Ryan Artwork

Meet The Founders


"My passion for instruments goes beyond building and repair work. As a working musician, who plays banjo, mandolin and guitar, I understand what a musician ultimately wants to get out of their instrument."


“I strive to reproduce the visual and aural mojo that these instruments have in spades, using traditional tonewoods and construction techniques - and, occasionally, the downright weird and always cool stylistic details that set these guitars apart.”