South Burlington, VT

Iris Guitar Company

Established in 2018 as a division of Circle Strings, Iris Guitar Company is a small team of highly skilled and seasoned luthiers who are dedicated to building a modern instrument that captures vintage-inspired tone and aesthetics.

Models We Love

AB Model

Named after Iris co-founder, Adam Buchwald, The AB is the 3rd model in the Iris Guitar Company line-up. Introduced in 2020, it’s modeled on the J-185 and would be considered a small jumbo.

DF Model

Named after Iris co-founder, Dale Fairbanks, the DF is a slope shoulder dreadnought comparable in size to a J-45.

OG Model

The original model that put Iris on the map: The OG Model. It has a comfortable 25” scale and an equally comfy C-shape neck.


The RCM is a 12-fret 000 with a slimmer body than any other Iris. Proudly named after their General Manager, Christian McAdams.

MS-00 Model

The MS-00 was developed at the insistence of *Mark Stutman, for whom it’s named. This mid-thirties style guitar, with its short scale, is a wonderful complement to their line of small bodied Iris.

*Mark is a very talented luthier who is considered to be the expert in vintage Gibson guitars.

Iris MS-00 Limited w/Sarah Ryan Artwork