Sales Tax


Your Purchase And Online Sales Tax

Common questions we receive are: Does The Music Emporium charge sales tax, and if so, why? Aren't online purchases tax free? 

Not long ago online purchases were indeed tax free, but in 2018 the Supreme Court case 'South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc.' led to new internet tax reform saying that states can require online out-of-state sellers to collect and remit sales tax, whether the seller is physically located in that state or not. 

Due to this ruling, yes, we are required to charge sales tax in some states. We say 'some states' because each state sets its own tax nexus and it just depends on whether we've reached their requirements or not.

  • If we charge tax - we've met your state's tax nexus.
  • If we don't charge tax - we haven't met your state's tax nexus. 


Tip: To see what your tax liability is on a purchase, simply add the item to your cart and begin the checkout process.


List Of States We Charge Sales Tax To | Spring 2023

Please Note: We periodically update the list of taxable states due to meeting that state's tax requirements. 

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia
  6. Illinois
  7. Indiana
  8. Maryland
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Michigan
  11. Minnesota
  12. New Jersey
  13. New York
  14. North Carolina
  15. Pennsylvania
  16. South Carolina
  17. Tennessee
  18. Virginia
  19. Washington