Glocester, RI

Girouard Mandolins

Max & Lauri Girouard have been slowly and steadily building a name for themselves in the mandolin community. From an early age, they were fascinated by the tone and designs of vintage mandolins and spent countless hours experimenting with forms and voicings. We receive a handful of their instruments a year and they never last long.

Meet The Models

Ensemble Model

Upgraded in appointments, the Ensemble Model features added back binding, a James tailpiece, and come standard with an all over sunburst.

Studio Model

The Studio Model was designed to be a simplistic instrument in terms of appointments. As much care and effort goes into the build of Girouard's Studio Model as one of their higher appointed instruments.  The focus of our studio model is playability and tone. 

Concert Model

The Concert Model features master grade woods, complete binding, upgraded hardware, and head stock inlay. 

Concert Master Model

The concert model features master grade woods complete binding, upgraded hardware, and head stock inlay. Top and back body binding, triple laminate, fretboard and head stock bound single color, James Tailpiece (GBOM comes with trapeze style tailpiece), engraved Rubner RMp Vintage tuners with pearl buttons, sunburst, and varnish finish.  Price includes a TKL shaped case.

Griffith A5 Tribute

It is still hard to believe that, throughout the glorious run of mandolins to come off the line at Gibson in the early 1920s, Lloyd Loar would affix his signature to only a single A model, known as the "Griffith" mandolin, for the woman who commissioned its build.

Enter Max and Lauri Girouard, whose labor of love researching the original instrument and its history has led to the creation of this Girouard "Griffith Tribute" A5 model. A remarkable mandolin, it is perhaps the closest any luthier has ever come to capturing the unique features, contours, and sonic characteristics of this unicorn of teardrop mandolins. 

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