Austin, TX


Our friends at Collings have set an incredibly high bar across several instrument categories - acoustics, electrics, and mandolins - all of which are revered as some of the best ever made. We're proud to be their largest dealer, for many decades now, and share their core values of excellence, innovation, and just figuring out how to do things better each day.
Steve McCreary | Collings General Manager
"We've been doing business with the folks at The Music Emporium for well over 20 years. It's pretty amazing to realize that they have been around for more than twice that long. It's difficult to explain just how valuable they are to a company like Collings. A store that has deep knowledge of both vintage and new instruments, they are able to handle questions regarding all of the instruments we build."

Standard Series

Collings's Standard Series guitars are the backbone of their line. Striking a perfect balance between old-school and modern, these are versatile and dynamic instruments that play beautifully and sound incredible.

Traditional Series

The Traditional Series models closely follow the classic building techniques of the 1930s and tilt the sound in a decidedly more vintage direction. If you're a vintage guitar enthusiast, or are just looking for a responsive, warmer sound, these guitars demand consideration.

Limited & Special Run

Collings' relentless quest to make each instrument better than the one before has led to the creation of some truly unique heirloom quality instruments.

Collings Guitars | Brand Story

More interested in guitars and engineering than in his pre-med program, Bill Collings took a job at a machine shop in the '70s and began building guitars on his kitchen table with just a few hand tools. Coming from a family of engineers, Bill’s experience as a craftsman and his natural curiosity equipped him to experiment and quickly improve his craft. Before long his instruments were in the hands players like Rick Gordon, Lyle Lovett, Pete Townshend, Joni Mitchell, and Brian May. Today, the company's mission is to continue Bill's legacy, following his passing in 2017, by continuing to build the finest stringed instruments available.