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Joe Parker Guitars

One of the coolest things about the electric guitar is just how malleable they are with regard to design. A quick look through any “history of the electric guitar” book at your local book store will reveal this truism. Enter master builer, Joe Parker. Joe has created instruments that look at once modern, yet like one that could have come from a long-lost 60s maker. 

Meet The Models


Utilizing tried and true techniques and materials like bolt-neck construction, a 25 1/2” scale length, swamp ash, maple, and rosewood, the DMO is a model that looks at once modern, yet like one that could have come from a long-lost 60s maker.


The Magretti gives a subtle tip of the hat to offset body design (Fender Jazzmaster, etc...) with attention to detail being the name of the game here. Deep German Carves on both the top and back of the solid, swamp ash body create a lot of movement and depth while also keeping the player’s comfort in mind.


The Skylighter uses the iconic Strat silhouette as a launching pad for a rethink of this classic model. The result is a highly versatile, effortlessly playable electric guitar that combines elements of several iconic guitars into a design thoroughly its own.

Joe Parker | Meet The Builder
"In 2009, I decided to deepen my experience of guitar making and attended Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, in Phoenix, AZ. After graduating, I moved to Austin, TX to work at Collings Guitars. I spent over five years at Collings, the last three of which I did final setups of the electrics line. Now, I am a one-man shop based in Eugene, OR, offering my own guitars and pedals. I hope they inspire you to do your thing!"

Magretti | Kevin Barry

DMO | Kevin Barry