Wellington, New Zealand

Burgin Guitars

Paddy Burgin is not only recognized for his mastery of the lap steel guitar and his contributions to the New Zealand music scene, he's also a renowned lap steel guitar builder whose instruments are known for their craftsmanship, playability, and tonal qualities.
Paddy Burgin
“I have been making weissenborn style guitars for more than twenty five years, inspired by my own father’s lap steel playing and our childhood household music. Our slide guitars are played all over the world by musicians such as Barefoot Truth, Fred Kinbom, Henry Kaiser and they were often on stage with the master himself, David Lindley, one of the pioneers of modern weissenborn guitar playing. Along with Ben Harper he revived an instrument made popular in 1920s Hawaiian music. David Lindley, a dynamic performer of many musical styles, owned two Burgin weissenborn style guitars fitted with pickups for live playing.”