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Grez Guitars

If you're looking for an instrument that's both beautiful, alive, a blast to play - and - made by a luthier with an eye towards sustainability? You need to check out the award-winning, CA-based Grez Guitars.

Meet The Models


The Mendocino is a compact  (13.25"), light weight (5lbs) semi-hollobody guitar with the voice of a full size semi-hollowbody. Its strong voice is imparted by the nature of its internal structure and a high quality, acoustic guitar grade, Old Growth Redwood top.


Mendocino Junior

When a guitar's specs are as simple as what you find on a Junior style guitar - a single P90, bridge, volume/tone, and the body and neck - all of these components need to be top-notch in order to achieve something special. It's safe to say that Grez knocked it clear out of the park in this regard.

Mendocino Double Cut

The Standard Mendocino Double Cut DC is the same size and sound as the classic Mendocino but with a tulip like double cutaways.

Mendocino Baritone

The Mendocino Baritone shares the dimensions and qualities of the standard Mendocino, just with a deeper, richer voice and extended 28 1/2" scale length.

Mendocino Bass

Like the 6-string Mendocino, the short-scale bass Mendocino is incredibly lightweight, balanced, and very alive and resonant. This bass is a blast to play, period.


Designed to be a familiar yet distinctive statement both visually and sonically. Built around a Tele bridge pickup and Firebird neck pickup, The Folsom creates classic workhorse tones with the feel of a handmade played-in instrument. 

Reclaim, Reuse, Replant

The Grez Guitars sustainability program, in cooperation with Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. (RFFI), allows the company to have an annual redwood planting during the rainy season in Northern California.  Grez Guitars are produced in an area between the great Armstrong Woods State Preserve and the Muir Woods National Monument. Numerous redwood forests exist in the area on both public and private land that are well protected and maintained, but represent a tiny fraction of forests compared to just over 100 years ago.

Reclaim, Reuse, Replant

The reclaimed or salvaged Old Growth Redwood used at Grez Guitars are from first growth trees often 800+ years old. This reclaimed wood is sourced from deconstructed or rehabilitated structures such as train tunnels, wine barrels, water vessels, vinegar tanks, barns and factories. Using reclaimed wood produces exceptional solid, semi-hollowbody and acoustic guitars that are surprisingly light weight, acoustically vibrant, and uniquely beautiful.
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