The CIOKS story started in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 1991 when Poul Ciok, who still runs the company today, turned 18 and formally founded the company. Having been a dedicated guitar player and an electronics enthusiast for years prior to this, Poul had trouble finding a proper way to power his growing pedal collection and this set him on the course we know today.

Meet The Power Supplies


What makes CIOKS 4 truly unique is the fact that you can power it with anything from 9V to 24V DC, 9V to 12V AC via the non-polarized DC socket input. Via its 5V USB C input CIOKS 4 can even be powered by connecting a USB powerbank to the unit or by using your tablet power supply. This flexibility means that you can use CIOKS 4 as a stand-alone unit and power it with any of the most common adapters, such as the ones you might use to power a single pedal. CIOKS 4 can also convert an unused AC outlet on your existing power supply into 4 isolated DC outlets.

DC5 Link

DC5 link is a professional, small and very flat, power supply for effect pedals with 5 isolated outlets. Being only 31mm high it fits under the flat Pedaltrain nano, mini, new nano+ and all metro boards as well as all Temple pedalboards.

It offers voltages 9, 12 or 18V and has a total output current of 900mA. The top two switchable 9 or 12V outlets can power any two Strymon, Eventide, or other two medium to high current pedals. The middle outlet in 18V setting can power one or two dirt pedals, Pigtronix, MXR or other 18V pedals.


The Cioks DC7 is an excellent and reliable power supply that works with standard low-current up to the most power-hungry effects pedals. Despite its slim one-inch profile, the DC7 provides a maximum of 48W from all its outlets. Thanks to its two-stage switch-mode power supply topology, DC7 achieves an ultra-low noise power. You can plug in high-current Eventide pedals without worrying about any unwanted hums.

DC10 Link

Following the success of the original DC10, the new CIOKS DC10 Link Power Supply features ten isolated outlets with a maximum total of 2800mA output current. It has adjustable 9V to 24V DC outlets that could power standard low-to-high current stompboxes. It is even compatible with pedals that have non-standard voltages such as 15V Tonebones, 22V Blackstar, or 24V GLAB GSC-4 controller.

DC7/C8 Superpower Bundle

Combining the DC7 with a C8 Expander unit, you're afforded almost limitless options for powering anything from a basic 9V overdrive to a multi-effects processor and everything in between. A single power cable gets the DC7 going and the 24VDC expander cable feeds your satellite PSU for simple setup and configuration. Future-proof your board with a Superpower Bundle from Cioks!


The Heart and SOL of Your Pedalboard SOL is the ultimate solution for bringing life to a small to medium-sized pedalboard setup, especially if you are using power-hungry pedals. SOL is the smallest mains-powered switch-mode power supply we make at CIOKS (no wall-warts here) and the no-frills design plus massive power will leave you free to focus on your creative spark.