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"The goal of Retrograde Guitars is to explore the potential of the electric laminate top guitar. The design draws from the early jazz boxes of the 30s and 40s, to the catalog guitars of the 50s and 60s. By using vacuum press technology, hand wound pickups, hand rubbed colors and home brewed varnishes, I combined modern building methods with old world lutherie." ~Glenn Nichols

Meet The Models

The Rosedale

The Rosedale introduces a more acoustic element to the Retrograde line. Mahogany, spruce, and maple are used in different pairings throughout the construction to create a clear and woody tone. Hand carved German spruce bracing, a traditional dovetail neck joint, and classical inspired sound ports all add to the overall acoustic resonance of the guitar. 

Visually, the design draws from the 30s & 40s archtops which were used in early country blues and jazz.

Aptly named The Rosedale, it stands at the crossroads of acoustic and electric guitar.

The Cambridge

The Cambridge is the model that made us immediately want to work with Glenn and represent his brand a few years ago.

It's a lightweight instrument and the tones and playability are really addictive. It sounds like an old, perfectly seasoned guitar with a gorgeous acoustic voice.

Plugged in, that same airy, open acoustic voice combines with the midrange growl and sweet top-end of Glenn's own hand-wound pickups.

The Lexington

Retrograde's only solid-body model & TME exclusive, The Lexington features a roasted pine body, roasted maple neck, Granadillo fingerboard, short scale, and Retrograde hand-wound pickups.

This model is incredibly musical, a blast to play, sounds fantastic, and is....well, just plain cool.

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