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We've been stocking Collings electric guitars since they were launched in the mid-2000s. For our money, our friends in Austin, TX are making some of the highest quality, best sounding, and easiest playing Kalamazoo-inspired electrics on the market today. We're proud to be their top selling dealer, year after year.


I-35 | Semi-Hollow

With their I-35 line-up, Collings has really perfected the semi-hollow recipe, so to speak. For starters, the I-35's smaller 15" body feels more comfortable to most folks, the build quality is consistently flawless, and the tones you can coax from these guitars are off-the-charts great.

I-30 | Hollowbody

The Collings I-30LC nails everything that makes a vintage ES-330 model so great - it's light as air, perfectly balanced, and delivers fantastic acoustic and plugged in tones. A modern day classic.

SoCO | Semi-Hollow

Think of the Collings SoCo as a more comfortable ES-335 style guitar. All the versatility semi-hollow guitars are known for, but with the added comfort of a single-cutaway body. It balances perfectly in your lap and the super comfortable neck carve ensures you won't be putting it down anytime soon. 

City Limits | Solid Body

To put it simply, guitars don't really get much nicer both looks, sound, and build quality-wise. To say a City Limits is a Les Paul style guitar really doesn't begin to sum it up. Sure, it's that recipe - a mahogany body, maple top, humbuckers, short-scale - but the CL is such an elegant and refined version of an LP-style guitar, they're in another league altogether.

290 | Solid Body

The Collings 290 nails the stripped-down charm the late '50s 'student model' electrics while offering subtle, but meaningful, refinements to the overall build quality and playability. The classic P90/Mahogany body recipe delivers fantastic chime, midrange snarl, gorgeous cleans or Marshall half-stack ready overdriven tones.

360 | Solid Body

While tipping their hat to the iconic Fender Jazzmaster, Collings has brought something entirely their own to the table with their 360 LT M model. Think Jazzmaster-meets-LP Special, and you'll start to hint at what this guitar is capable of. Sonic Youth fans to Ventures fanatics will find something to love in this highly addictive, short-scale model.

470 JL | Hollowbody

Careful analysis and design has come to life in Julian Lage's Gretsch-inspired 470 JL Signature model, capturing the essence of a Golden Age vintage electric guitar while maximizing its potential. Refined but familiar, delicate but powerful, and dare we say - one of the most expressive and lyrical sounding electrics we've heard in years.

Archtops | Electric
Aaron Huff | Head of Electric Guitars
“Our woods are carefully selected, milled, dried, glued up, analyzed, sanded, analyzed again...and it’s all worried about. It’s all reconsidered. It’s all rehashed to make sure that the sound, and the look, are going to come out in the end product.”
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