Marshall, MI

Northfield Mandolins

We feel a kinship with the fine folks at Northfield Mandolins: their dedication to producing instruments that outclass their respective price points shows a passion for the needs of modern players. Plus, they're instrument geeks like we are!

Meet The Models

F5 Artist 5-Bar

Elegantly carved from Northfield's most striking materials to produce the finest aesthetics ever found in a Northfield mandolin. Designed to work for, and rigorously tested by, one of the most discerning genre-hopping mandolinists of our time, Mike Marshall. Simply put, the Northfield Artist Series mandolins are their best instruments yet. 

4th Generation F5

A robustly built instrument with a distinct mid range, strong high-end voicing, quick-to-sound responsiveness along with the toughness needed to propel projection and carve out sonic space in an ensemble. The balance between power and warmth. 

Big Mon 

The Big Mon was created in an effort to create a little more midrange and bass response vs a standard size F5. Northfield increased the width of the body, at its widest point, by 5mm. They also adjusted the depth/width of the sides a little in a few places. Everything is in proportion to this change, so it results in a slightly larger body overall.


Northfield's S Series mandolins aim to be an elegantly understated version of their master model instruments; serving up their signature tone, projection and construction in an abbreviated form. 

A5 Special

The Northfield A5 Special is arguably the mandolinosphere's best value in an A-style mandolin. Why? All the features of Northfield's high end F-style models are present here; but the absence of that oft-coveted scroll keeps the price point--comparably speaking--in check.

The Model M (Satin)

In crafting the Model M, Northfield went minimal on the appointments and focused on maximizing tone, resulting in an affordable entry-level mandolin that is road-tested and professional musician approved.

Archtop Octave

The Northfield Archtop Octave Mandolin is available in two distinct material combinations. The mahogany and spruce model yields a warmth perfect for accompanying a voice and backing up other instruments. The maple and spruce combo offers an attack and crispness that can carve out a sonic space within an ensemble, making it possible to be heard even when played in the lower registers.

Adrian Bagale | President & CEO
"We want our company to be known for our quality and consistency. Each instrument is built with an exacting approach. We feel like we’ve developed our instruments to the point that they have a character in tone and aesthetics. We want to maintain that in each instrument. We also maintain a very serious dedication to the art and respect of the premier designs and instruments by Lloyd Loar. We’re here because he was and we know that."