Oklahoma City, OK

Walrus Audio

Founded in 2011 by Colt Westbrook and Jason Stulce, Walrus Audio has gained a reputation for producing a wide range of effects pedals, including overdrives, distortions, delays, reverbs, modulations, and more. We're thrilled to represent this dynamic brand.
November 22 - December 1

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Colt W | Walrus Audio Founder
"Man, there are a lot of pedals out there. Why are we any different? Why are we any good? What’s the why?I’ll start here – We hear a lot of charming sounds featured on albums a lot of us are listening to. From Dawes to Sigur Ros, from Sting to Mastodon, from Bonnie Raitt to Kendrick Lamar, and from Flying Burrito Brothers to Harry Styles, we are constantly listening to you play music. We are moved by songs, riffs, solos, melodies, lyrics and album art that come from your creativity and hard work. We’re moved by what moves you. That directly correlates to the development of a sound, a box, a pedal. Before we ever sell one, these creations, these prototypes get sent to a chain of artists that we look up to. At Walrus, we all play guitar but not like these folks can. They give it a strenuous workout that includes tour, studio use, weekend gigging, and maybe an occasional Instagram tease. After we get everyone’s notes back, we make changes, then do it again. When it’s perfect (to us), you see it. Then you play it and make songs that move us and inspire us to make better gear. I’m really glad that you are part of our process."

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