Easthampton, MA


Healy Guitars makes custom electric and acoustic guitars in Easthampton, MA. Carefully selected materials and components, fine craftsmanship, and flawless playability form the foundation of each handmade guitar.

Meet The Models


The Healer is the first of two Healy models we've ever spent any time with, and it's one of the classiest offset style designs we've seen in a modern electric.

The Healer can definitely speak some of the Gibson style language, but at the end of the day, it's all about what Trevor has done to make it feel, play, and sound like its own thing. That's what we love about it.


The Growler shares a bit of its lineage with the slab mahogany body double cut of the late 1950s and early 1960s, but adds a level of refinement and individuality that undoubtedly sheds any notion that it's just another take on an old Gibson.

Healer Bass

Following along the concept of the Healer guitar model, the Healer Bass aims to provide that same sleek look and feel of an offset-style guitar in a minimal yet versatile package. 

Healy Brand Story

Previously Sold Examples

Healer Sunburst
Healer Hardtail Autumn Burst
Healer Sunburst
Healer Vintage White
Healer Bass
Growler Green
Growler 'Rusty Penny' Copper
Growler Walnut Top
Growler Sunburst

Growler Demo

Healer Demo