Thrilled to have this well maintained Callaham S-Style guitar in the shop on consignment! Bill Callaham and his company are known for making some of the best vintage-style aftermarket guitar parts going. What many don't know, is that Bill used to build guitars as well before focusing exclusively on part manufacturing in 2014.

These exceptional guitars were 100% handmade the old-school way - using traditional tools, without the aid of CNC - and were made by either Bill himself, Tim Veach, or Abe Herbaugh. The necks and bodies were hand shaped and constantly evaluated for contour and comfort. What all of this attention to detail leaves you with is a vintage feeling and playing, very resonant, and gorgeous sounding S-Style guitar. 

This particular guitar is made from 100 year old Ash, a Brazilian fretboard/maple neck with a more modern 10" radius, and Lindy Fralin single coils. Suffice it to say, this guitar sounds fantastic plugged in. In short, we feel like this is what you want a Strat to sound like. Full, punchy, great "cluck" in the 2nd/4th positions, fat and biting bridge pickup, round and hollow neck pickup...After 15 mins of playing, we couldn't help but ask: "What more do you want a Strat to do??"

The neck feels like an early 60s Strat which is to say, a slightly chunky C - and on this guitar, with an ever so slight V to the carve (though subtle). The Brazilian board is gorgeous. A lighter, highly figured chocolate color. Very similar to a 60s custom color Strat we recently sold. 

Condition: Very good. There are a few dings in the body that go through to the wood (see pics), but the frets are in great shape, the neck is smooth, and the setup feels great. Let's call it lightly relic'd...the natural way. 

If you've been on the search for a killer vintage inspired Strat, or love Lentz, DeTemple,, this one should be on your list. Priced with hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please. 


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