Rodgau, Germany

Nik Huber Guitars

Nik Huber makes exquisite instruments that straddle the line between a precision build and a soulful guitar brilliantly. There is a simplicity and focus to his builds that is apparent from the moment you pick one up, though don't be deceived by the word "simplicity".

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Orca '59

The Orca´59 looks, plays, feels and sounds like one of those legendary instruments of the 50’s. Both body and soul have been revived by the experience and knowledge of Huber’s proud craftsmen, who‘ve raised the bar with respect to how a classic guitar should sound and look. You won’t have to wait fifty years for this one to become a legend!

Krautster II

Disguised as a plain, down-to-earth guitar, the Krautster II comes proudly stripped of almost everything but the very essence of rock. The P90 neck pickup delivers a touch of flexibility and a bluesy voice that‘s all your own.


The Piet captures everything we love about Huber's work - exceptional attention to detail, a refined overall feel, gorgeous tonewoods, and inspiring tones. Unlike other Huber guitars which typically feature set-neck construction and favor humbuckers (Nik's mentor was none other than Paul Reed Smith it should be noted), the Piet is a stripped down, Fender-esq affair.


Named for Nik Huber's wife's family name, the Rietbergen is an heirloom quality hollow-body constructed of a carved, exceptionally curly maple top and carved Mahogany body that incorporates a center block into the design. The build quality and attention to detail are flawless and the satin finish on the back and neck make this ultra-lightweight guitar feel instantly comfortable and familiar.


The Twangmeister is Huber's brilliant take on the classic Telecaster and is brimming with sensual lines, gorgeous woods, and killer tones.


The Huber Surfmeister guitar comes equipped with a huge California heart. Its tone is courtesy of Tronebucker pickups, as tempting and clear as the Pacific on a bright summer morning. With an optional Bigsby, your sound takes an additional shimmer like a spindrift on cresting waves.

A Few Previously Sold Examples

Orca Bernie Marsden Signature Burst #2 of 12
Orca Semi-Hollowbody Flamed Maple
Orca '59 Rusty Petrol Blue
Rietbergen Translucent Metallic Goldtop
Surfmeister Green Torquoise Metallic
Surfmeister Candy Apple Red
Dolphin II Charcoal Burst
Twangmeister Lake Placid Blue
Dolphin II Charcoal Burst
Krautster II Worn Goldtop
Krautster II Worn Ice Blue
Krautster II Tiger Eye