While we all look up to famous players like Hendrix, Clapton, SRV, Beck, Page and a slew of others both old and new, it could be argued that the real hero here is Leo Fender. Without his knack for engineering and problem solving - many of his inventions came from solving working musicians issues of the day - our world would look very different. By electrifying the guitar and bass, Leo unleashed limitless creative possibilities that musicians are still exploring to this day.

Most of us started our musical journey on Fender guitars - we still remember the first time we encountered a friend's Stratocaster or Telecaster. Nothing was cooler, and that feeling has stuck with us, bringing us to today. Representing this legendary brand is simply a dream come true.

From Vintage and Custom Shop Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters, Jaguars, Precision and Jazz Basses, to beginner and intermediate instruments, we want to offer something for every player, all with the goal of creating that same feeling we experienced so many years ago upon getting our first Fender.


"Without the Fender bass, there'd be no rock n' roll, no Motown. The electric guitar had been waiting 'round since 1939 for a nice partner to come along. It became an electric rhythm section and that changed everything." - Quincy Jones
By Dave Hunter
Fender: 75 Years Book
Authoritatively written and lavishly illustrated, Fender 75 Years is the officially licensed anniversary celebration of the company and its legendary instruments.
Fender Pickups
Trying to capture real Fender tone? We can help with a curated selection of genuine electric guitar pickups and pickup sets for Strats or Teles.

1957 Esquire Demo

1957 Stratocaster Demo

1959 Jazzmaster Demo

1964 Stratocaster Demo

1972 Stratocaster Demo

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