Founded in 1946, Fender is ground zero for electric guitars, basses, and amplifiers. Leo Fender forever changed music - and pop culture - with his timeless, innovative instruments, and it's not a stretch to say that we wouldn't have become players at all without Fender. As a result, we're honored to represent this influential brand.


Few things are as cool for guitar players as experiencing a great vintage Fender. As such, we focus on all decades, not just the '50s and '60s, as we believe there are great examples from every era. Blue chip. Player grade. Doesn't matter. If they're great instruments, period, you'll see them here for sale.
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The Fender Custom Shop is renowned for housing Fender's most skilled and talented builders. It is where craftsmanship, passion, and innovation converge to produce instruments that transcend the ordinary and become something truly extraordinary.
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american ultra

The Fender American Ultra Series is the company's most advanced series of guitars and basses for discerning players who demand the ultimate in precision, performance and tone.
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american professional II

The American Professional II Series delivers instant familiarity and sonic versatility you’ll feel and hear right away, with broad ranging improvements that add up to nothing less than a new standard for professional instruments.
Starting At $1499

Signature Models

Fender Signature Models will get you as close as possible to your favorite guitar player's guitar. While we can't guarantee you'll end up sounding like them, you'll have an awful lot of fun trying. That's really the whole point, no?
Starting At $1149

Vintera II Series

With era-correct pickups, classic colors, and other coveted features from the '50s, '60s and '70s, the Vintera Series has all the sound and style of the decades that defined them.
By Dave Hunter
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