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Collings Guitars at The Music Emporium
Only a handful of luthiers have ever earned the kind of reputation by which Bill Collings is known. His fearlessness in the face of a challenge and dogged pursuit of excellence in instrument design and acoustic tone have put him in a class of his own ...

TME is proud to be a partner in developing Bill's legacy as the preeminent builder of small-shop guitars (acoustic and electric) & mandolins. Embracing the DIY values of the golden era of American craftsmanship, Collings has expanded their vision of what's possible under their own rooftop and now produces their own guitar cases to accompany a line of "Traditional" acoustic instruments patterned on the classic flattops of the 1930's. What's more, they've begun offering a line of fashionably austere guitars under their Waterloo brand in an effort to bring boutique standards of construction into a competitive price point. We're passionate about everything our friends at Collings are up to, so please have a look around and reach out to us if you'd like to discuss customizing a Collings instrument. 

Collings D2H "Traditional"

The standard bearer in a boutique-level dreadnought. With Collings' own handcrafted case!

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Collings OM2H "Traditional"

The modern era's finest tribute to the wonderful pre-war orchestra models. With Collings' own handcrafted case!

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Collings C100

The newest Collings model packs big-bodied tone into a mid-sized workhorse.

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Collings 01

Patterned from TME founder Stu Cohen's own 1932 Martin 0-18.

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Collings Parlor 1T

The smallest entrant in the "Traditional" lineup.

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Collings SJ

Collings' take on the classic small jumbo - a country strumming machine!

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