Gracenote x TME | Altura Coffee (Whole Bean)

Gracenote x TME | Altura Coffee (Whole Bean)

Gracenote x TME | Altura Coffee (Whole Bean)

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TME is proud to partner with our good friends at Boston's own award-winning Gracenote Coffee to bring a limited run of special edition coffees into the shop! It's no secret that we're almost as passionate about coffee here as we are about guitars, so it seemed only natural to turn to our favorite local roastery to craft our signature brew.

Here's what Gracenote has to say about their Altura blend:  

"The Nariño region of Colombia is renowned as one of the great coffee regions of the world. Its unique combination of high elevation, plentiful rainfall, and high-quality, volcanic soil, imbues coffee grown here with the potential for great flavor. High elevation coffees tend to have livelier flavor profiles, and this one is no exception—the name Altura (meaning “height” in Spanish) is a nod to its heritage as beans grown in the Andes Mountains. We aim to bring out the full potential of this coffee in the roasting process, developing a flavor profile with exciting sweetness and toffee-like caramel notes, and a rich array of secondary flavors such as dark chocolate, green grape, and sesame to provide a full flavored coffee you’ll be sure to want to return to again and again."

Tasting Notes: toffee, dark chocolate, green grape, sesame

Process: Washed

Region: Nariño small lot blend

Varietal: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Elevation: 2000-2050m

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