Martin 0-18 (1943)



If you're a devotee of vintage-Martin lore, you may have heard about the high degree of desirability associated with guitars produced between 1942-44 -- their ebony neck rods make them exceptionally lightweight & responsive, and they're typically very "airy" sounding with great sustain. Case in point: this lovely 1943 0-18 ~ a dream guitar for any fan of small-bodied vintage instruments. The guitar sports a replacement bridge, but is otherwise original (and crack-free). We've got it strung with light gauge D'addario nickel bronze strings and it sounds terrific -- loud, punchy, warm and full, with that aforementioned responsiveness in spades. If you've been waiting for a special small-bodied Martin, give us a call while we've still got this one. Priced with non-original hard case. 


  • Mahogany back & sides
  • Red Spruce top
  • Ebony neck rod
  • Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard
  • Replaced bridge
  • 24.9" Scale length
  • 1 11/16" nut width 

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