Taylor | By Series

Taylor organizes their acoustic guitar line by series, each of which features a distinct combination of tonewoods, design elements, and specifications that contribute to the guitar's overall sound and aesthetic.

Starting at $699


The ideal guitars for anyone on a budget, these guitars are perfectly distilled for an inviting and inspiring playing experience.
Starting at $799

100 Series

Affordable guitars crafted with solid Sitka spruce tops deliver rich tone and exceptional playing comfort without compromise.
Starting at $999

200 Series

Solid Sitka spruce paired with a selection of layered tonewoods make for a classic look and sound. Available in standard and Deluxe models.
Starting at $1,399

Grand Theater (GT)

The compact, accessible GT (Grand Theater) combines the playing comfort of a smaller guitar with bold, powerful acoustic tone.
Starting at $1,499

American Dream

Solid tonewoods and innovative bracing designs mix with neo-vintage aesthetics for a playing experience that covers all the bases for an everyday musician.
Starting at $1,999

300 Series

A range of all-solid tonewoods serves up a wealth of versatile acoustic flavors.
Starting at $2,999

400 Series

Experience the lush, warm sound of the classic rosewood/spruce tonewood pairing adorned in an eye-catching sunburst top finish.
Starting at $2,799

500 Series

Discover the sweet, sophisticated sound of Urban Ironbark, a responsibly sourced tonewood that serves up power and clarity in equal measure.
Starting at $3,499

600 Series

Taylor's maple guitars have been revoiced and paired with specially seasoned spruce to produce a richer, warmer sound.
Starting at $2,999

700 Series

Experience the dynamic, punchy attack of select-grade Hawaiian koa, voiced to yield a livelier, more direct sound compared with the refined Koa Series.
Starting at $3199

Builder's Edition

Featuring Taylor's finest craftsmanship, the Builder’s Edition family represents a new step forward in acoustic guitar comfort, playability and tone.
Starting at $3,699

800 Series

The time-honored pairing of solid rosewood and spruce, along with an array of artistic and comfort-enhancing design touches, make it clear why the 800 Series has long been a Taylor classic.
Starting at $5,199

900 Series

The most elegantly appointed of Taylor's rosewood/spruce series blends inspiring tone with design sophistication.
Starting at $549

GS Mini

This scaled-down Grand Symphony packs a full guitar voice into a comfortably compact form.
Starting at $379


Taylor's most compact guitar, the iconic Baby Taylor is perfect for kids and travelers.