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Our relationship with Martin stretches back to 1968 when The Music Emporium was founded. They were the first brand we represented, with a D-28 being the first guitar we took delivery of. This iconic brand not only shaped the development of the acoustic guitar itself via the introduction of their timeless OM and Dreadnought designs, they also changed the course of music via the musicians who utilized these iconic instruments.
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Martin By Series

Martin's diverse lineup of acoustic guitar models cater to a variety of playing styles and budgets, and we've found them easiest to shop for when organized by series.
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Martin Body Shapes

A guitar's body shape not only impacts your experience of it from a comfort perspective, it has an enormous impact on the way the guitar sounds and responds to your input.
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Martin's Model
Naming Guide

Need help making sense of Martin's model naming system? Watch this short video from Martin and you'll have the hang of it in no time flat.
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