Tex Bernie Custom, Grey

Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey
Tex Bernie Custom, Grey

Tex Bernie Custom, Grey

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It's not every day we usher in new amplifier lines here at TME. Call us picky, but we're really into representing builders that are making something unique, toneful, and (dare we say) aesthetically captivating in a world chock full of a seemingly endless list of gear. With that being said...

Please join us in welcoming Tex Amps to the TME family!

Toronto-based Tony Texeira has been building amplifiers for over 15 years under the Tex/Texeira name, and has been pivotal in bringing the "projector amp" concept into the marketplace following in heralded amp builder Bernie Raunig's footsteps. One look at the Tex lineup and you'll see that namesake proudly represented. Tony has taken the concept and formalized it into a robust, well-built design that has proven to be much more road-worthy and reliable than some of the more finicky vintage projector circuits of the 50s and 60s. Just ask Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Bahamas' Afie Jurvanen.

The current Tex lineup includes a number of compact yet tonally monstrous amplifiers, mostly built around a 1x10 combo format (the EF86 model and occasional one-off build will get you into a 1x12 combo). Powered exclusively by EL84s, one might think Vox, but the moment you plug into a Tex you're quickly reminded of that whole projector amp tonality. These amps have loads of harmonic richness and depth combined with a dynamic response very few amp builders have been able to match. Sure, you can pull some of the brighter, chimier Vox-isms out of a Tex, but there's a fullness in the low end and low-midrange that provide a more balanced and frankly bigger sounding amp without the blistering volume.

This particular model- the Bernie Custom- is Tony's tweaked recipe of one of the original Bernie Raunig projector amp conversions owned by session guitarist extraordinaire Colin Cripps. All of the aforementioned superlatives apply here- amazing dynamic response and feel, with a surprising amount of low end and low mids for a low wattage EL84 powered amp. Simple but effective Volume and Tone controls are very interactive, and can take you from sweet low volume chimey cleans to authoritative and harmonically rich tube overdrive. The addition of a Master Volume give you even greater control, which works great for taking the amp from your living room to the stage or studio. 

Rare NOS components that made vintage amps so sonically revered are carefully selected and implemented in each amp Tony makes, and that includes tubes! You're not apt to find many another amp builders out there who build amps stock with vintage tubes. Tony is all about delivering the best possible version of his circuits to the player, every time.

It probably goes without saying at this point, but we're giddy about these amps and we're so excited to get these in your hands!

  • 20 Watts output
  • 2x EL84 power tubes
  • EZ81 Rectifier Tube
  • 2x ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, Master Volume
  • Custom made N/C Aluminium Chassis & plexi panel
  • All hand-wired PTP circuit board & silver Teflon wire
  • Each component selected for its quality, tone and construction
  • All Caps used are NOS Philips Mustard & Paper in oil Military Spec
  • Custom designed & hand-made Heyboer Power and Output Transformers
  • Cab size 18"x 16"x 9"
  • Celestion V10 VT Jr 50-watt ceramic 10" speaker
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