Zvex Super Duper 2-In-1 Hand Painted

Zvex Super Duper 2-In-1 Hand Painted

Zvex Super Duper 2-In-1 Hand Painted

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9v DC
Power Draw

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With both channels of the Super Duper 2-In-1 Boost cranked, you’ll never ever have a steady relationship again. Or a lease. Or a pet.

Why We Love This

The Super Duper 2-IN-1 has two Super Hard On boosts in one small box, plus a Master volume control that lets you use it as an overdrive/distortion with any input volume.

The two channels can give any amount of gain, from a soft bluesy boost in two stages, to a crunchy rock level, to a wild sustaining beast.

From Zvex:

Gentlemen/women, start your engines. This pedal is so dangerous that I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of complaint emails that people have blown up their amps using it. So let’s just start this off by saying I WARNED YOU TO BE CAREFUL. When using this pedal, start off slow, and
monitor your amp for potential damage. Don’t have too much fun! OK, have too much fun, but don’t blow up your amp in the process. Unless that’s what you want, of course, and well, gosh darn it, it’s your right. Good ol’ Pete Townsend did it. Well, at least he poked his speakers out.

Channel 1

This channel is a conventional Super Hard On Boost (SHO). Its gain control is on the far right and it’s LED is yellow. If you are familiar with the SHO you’ll know that it’s a very sparkly sounding high input-impedance preamp with incredible headroom wide-ranging gain (unity to 60 X) and a maximum volume that will knock out your fillings. Channel one has no Master Volume control but it’s cascaded into Channel 2 which does...

Channel 2 & The Master Volume

This channel has the very same circuit as Channel 1 but the bleeder resistor on the output has been replaced with a Master Volume control which allows the user to turn down the output volume even if the gain is set quite high. The knob on the left is the gain and the middle knob is the Master Volume and the LED is red. When both channels are on (or if only Channel 2 is on) the Master Volume is active. If you leave the Master wide open you have two identical SHO pedals in one box which are cascaded.


9v DC Battery or Power Supply (standard Boss configuration with center negative)
Power Draw
4.70" (L) x 2.38" (W) x 1.82" (H)

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