Zvex '59 Sound Hand Painted

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Zvex '59 Sound Hand Painted

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The ’59 Sound is based on the legendary 1959 Tweed Fender Bassman and captures the essence of that magical amplifier.

The ZVEX ’59 Sound is a distortion pedal they’ve designed to emulate the sound of a classic Fender 1959 Tweed Bassman. Use the ’59 Sound with any amp set warm and somewhat clean, and you’ll get a taste of the rich naturally transparent and dynamic distortion tones that make the ’59 Bassman one of the most sought after vintage amps ever built.

The ’59 Sound loves to stack with other distortions, compressors, overdrives and fuzz pedals.

Electric guitars are sonically complex. Different pickup combinations, different woods, different build types are all part of the formula. The ’59 Sound compliments these differences. The dense singing tones of a Les Paul, the twang of a Tele, and the sparkle of a Strat are accentuated, while subtle changes in pick attack and palm muting are preserved.


Sets the boost level which is engaged with the left stomp switch - start around 11:00 o’clock. The Drive and Boost controls are based on the original Zvex Super Hard On gain control so they may crackle when turned (this is perfectly normal).
Adjust for distortron engine volume level (start around 9:00 o’clock].
Adjust for treble content (start around 12:00 o’clock].
Sets the amount of distortion (start around 1:00 o’clock].

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