Jam Pedals Boomster mk.2

Jam Pedals Boomster mk.2

Jam Pedals Boomster mk.2

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True or Buffered
9-18V power-input range

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With its musical response and increased headroom the JAM Pedals Boomster mk.2 aims to redefine the quality standards of the buffer and booster genres. Extensive testing and comparison sessions with most of the appropriate chips currently in production, resulted in us opting for the hi-fi-grade Texas Instruments® OPA 2132 chips, which deliver effortless fidelity and lushness across the Boomster mk.2's different functions.

Jam's mission with the mk.2 version of the Boomster was to elevate it into a well-rounded boost pedal encompassing all the necessary features and functions contemporary musicians have come to expect, as well as to offer a standalone buffer that not only sounds great but also feels right under the hands, making it an indispensable tone component of any rig.

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