Aguilar AG Preamp

Aguilar AG Preamp

Aguilar AG Preamp

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18v power supply
1/4″ & Aux In
Headphone Out

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The AG Preamp pedal inherits the renowned AG amplifier’s tight, fast response and extensive tonal flexibility, making it an essential component for discerning bassists.

Why We Love This

With its powerful 4-band EQ, the AG Preamp lets you sculpt your tone with finesse, adapting to any musical genre or playing style. From warm and punchy to bright and articulate, the pedal delivers unrivaled control and responsiveness. Foot-switchable broadband “deep” and “bright” controls further enhance your sound, providing added depth and presence for a rich and natural sonic impact.

Operating at 18 volts, the AG Preamp pedal ensures generous headroom and pristine signal integrity. You can confidently push your sound to the limits without sacrificing clarity or encountering unwanted distortion. The pedal maintains a clean, transparent tone that stays true to the player’s style.

The AG Preamp pedal also offers essential connectivity options. It features a built-in headphone output and auxiliary input, enabling silent practicing and jamming along with favorite tracks, as well as a DI output with pre/post and ground lift controls, making it an ideal solution for live performances and studio or at-home recording sessions.

More Info

4-Band EQ
Bass/Treble/Low Mid/Hi Mid
“Deep” and “Bright” broadband boost
Silent Practice
Headphone out and Aux in
Studio Quality DI w/ Pre and Post as well as Ground Lift
18v power supply
One 1/4″ jack + One Aux In
One 1/4″ jack / One XLR (nominal output – 14 dBu balanced) / Headphone Out

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